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Industry-leading technology
Industry-leading technology
Industry-leading technology

Integrated vision and laser systems in navigation and positioning with original technology, which is the first in the industry at home and abroad.

Self-built manufacturing base, with a complete industrial chain, and high-demand, high-standard, high-efficiency scientific production process, self-developed navigation algorithm, robot control platform, 3D-TofF depth camera, high-speed single-line laser radar, single-point laser, etc., Significantly reduce robot manufacturing costs and maintenance costs.


Easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain products
Easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain products
Easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain products

Go deep into the cleaning business scene and polish the floor scrubbing robot that cleaning aunts can use.

One-button start, self-cleaning, liberating workers' hands; fully open sewage tank design, daily cleaning is more convenient, no sanitary corners; cleaning parts adopt a quick-release structure, and the suction rake, brush plate, and side rubber strip can be disassembled without tools It is convenient for cleaning aunts to clean and replace consumables daily.


Abundant benchmark cases
Abundant benchmark cases
Abundant benchmark cases

Create hundreds of benchmarking demonstration cases to boost urban digital transformation

Covering commercial properties (shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings), industrial cleaning (modern factories, three-dimensional warehouses), public services (schools, hospitals), public transportation (airports, high-speed rail stations) and other scenarios.




Sam's Club
Country Garden
Huatie travel clothes
Shanghai First People's Hospital
China International Import Expo
Wurth, Germany
Ms. Wang Yuhotan Shenzhen North Station cleaning supervisor
Set the function of cleaning and killing in one
Ms. Wang Yuhotan Shenzhen North Station cleaning supervisor


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Up to now, Sparkoz has formed three major regional development layouts in Asia, Europe, and North America in its global layout. Now Sparkoz Technology Corporation has established a trustworthy international image and has become one of the representative enterprises of China’s "smart manufacturing" going overseas.



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Founded in 2020, Sparkoz Technology Co., Ltd. has successively completed angel round, pre-A round, and A round financing, and is a leading commercial intelligent cleaning robot service provider in China. The investors are all from well-known VCs, Fortune 99 companies, and related industry leaders, and have senior managers in the cleaning industry, top experts in the field of robot design and artificial intelligence. Tangen Intelligent has formed three major regional developme...

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