Sparkoz Technology was selected for the "Shanghai Intelligent Robot Benchmarking Enterprise and Application Scenario Recommended Catalogue

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On January 3, 9 departments including the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology jointly released the first batch of 'Shanghai Intelligent Robot Benchmarking Enterprises and Recommended Application Scenarios' in 2023, and selected 44 companies covering 7 application scenarios including industrial intelligence and medical health. A benchmarking enterprise, promoting the application paradigm of intelligent robots to the whole society.

Sparkoz Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was successfully selected by virtue of its solid research and development strength and excellent commercial fully automatic cleaning intelligent robot products, injecting new momentum into Shanghai's consolidation of the leading edge of the intelligent terminal industry and strengthening the competitiveness of urban development.


From the official website of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology

'Shanghai Intelligent Robot Benchmarking Enterprises and Application Scenarios Recommended Catalog' is based on the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Municipal Housing and Construction Commission, Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau, and other nine units 'Notice on Collection of 'Shanghai Intelligent Robot Benchmarking Enterprises and Application Scenario Recommendation Catalog' (Shanghai Jingxinzhi [2022] No. 716), after extensive collection, recommendations by districts, evaluation, and selection of the best definite directory listing.

It is understood that intelligent robots are the core equipment for the development of Shanghai's intelligent terminal industry and the frontier direction of the integration of advanced manufacturing and new-generation information technology. The release of the 'Shanghai Smart Robot Benchmarking Enterprises and Recommended Application Scenarios Catalog' will build an information channel for robot companies to connect with user units, form a batch of replicable and referential results and promote their applications, and solve the limitations of the implementation of smart robot scenarios problems, promote industrial achievements, better enable intelligent upgrades in the fields of industry, medical care, agriculture, construction, emergency response, and community life, and promote urban digital transformation.


Sparkoz Technology is a developer of all-scenario commercial cleaning robots. Through self-developed sensor technology, it optimizes the synchronization and coordination between different sensors, and improves the performance of robots from the bottom. Headquartered in Qingpu, Shanghai, Sparkoz Technology has formed three major regional development layouts in Asia, Europe, and North America. It has established a trustworthy international image and has become one of the representative enterprises of China's 'smart manufacturing' going overseas.


The commercial fully automatic cleaning robot independently developed by Sparkoz Technology based on multi-sensing fusion technology is an indoor manual/automatic dual-purpose floor scrubbing robot. For hard floor cleaning tasks in indoor scenes, unmanned operations can be achieved, which saves labor costs, standardizes the operation process, stabilizes the operation effect, and helps property managers solve the cost reduction and efficiency increase in the cleaning operation tasks, which is difficult to recruit and supervise. , Expensive employment, and other issues.

About 80% of the overall cleaning tasks are handed over to robots for standard cleaning tasks on the ground, and about 20% of non-standard tasks for facade cleaning are handed over to humans. The new human-machine collaboration method of smart cleaning makes cleaning work easier, and can also release more manpower to reduce costs and increase efficiency for the property.

Compared with difficult-to-manage manual cleaning, robot cleaning adopts digital management methods, focusing on standardizing process leaps and upgrades, aiming at the pain points of the post-epidemic era and aging society, using professional technology to meet the needs of the industry to upgrade, serving the public, and benefiting society, practice a positive corporate philosophy - use robotics to empower better public services!

Sparkoz Technology integrates the two systems of vision and laser in navigation and positioning with its original technology, which is the first in the industry at home and abroad. Innovation has independently developed a robot control platform and a complete matrix of ten types of sensors, realizing the systematic design and integration of software and hardware. At the same time, the experienced professional cleaning design team polishes the product from the basics and is customer-oriented to design the most practical cleaning operation functions.


Compared with existing domestic and foreign competing products, it has the following four advantages:

01 Technical advantages
The high degree of autonomy, core components are all self-developed: navigation algorithm, robot control platform, 3D-TofF depth camera, high-speed single-line laser radar, single-point laser, etc. are all self-developed;

02 Cost advantage
Through scheme design and self-developed components to replace foreign imports, Sparkoz has greatly reduced the manufacturing cost and maintenance cost of robots, helping property management to reduce costs and increase efficiency;

03 Efficiency advantage
The operating speed of Sparkoz Technology's commercial cleaning intelligent robot can reach 1.2m/s, achieving centimeter-level control accuracy, and its work efficiency is 20%-50% higher than similar products on the market;

04 Operation  advantages
To optimize user logic and interaction details, Sparkoz Technology has developed a 'zero learning cost' robot operating system in line with the needs of business scenarios, which is more convenient to use .

In addition to its innovative and independent research and development capabilities, Sparkoz Technology also has its own manufacturing base, a complete industrial chain, and a scientific production process with high requirements, high standards, and high efficiency. A number of test verifications, quality inspections, and quality inspections of equipment are kept improving, and vehicle-level test standards ensure that products meet ISO, IEC, and other industry standards, providing strong performance stability, process consistency, and safety reliability for products. Strong guarantee.


This time Sparkoz Technology was selected for the first batch of 'Shanghai Intelligent Robot Benchmarking Enterprises and Application Scenarios Recommended Catalogue', indicating that its products and benchmarking image have been recognized by the authority.


'Enabling better public services with robot technology' is the mission of Sparkoz Technology. The intelligence era has brought about double changes in productivity and people's lifestyles. In order to allow the general public to fully enjoy the convenience of intelligent cleaning, Sparkoz Technology will continue to make breakthroughs in the field of technology and drive the continuous upgrading of the entire industry with benchmarking effects, serving China The market brings more advanced products and intelligent service experience, accelerating the real arrival of the era of intelligent cleaning.