Sparkoz entered the Jiangxi Tourism Festival to help with China's public health services!

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On May 13, the 2022 Jiangxi Tourism Festival officially opened. The theme of this event is 'integration of high-quality culture and tourism, striving to be the first in the new era'. It will be held in Ji'an from May 13th to 15th, 2022. The commercial cleaning robot TN70 under Sparkoz will also appear at this event.


Sparkoz commercial cleaning robot can operate independently, has strong compatibility, and can adapt to multi-occasion cleaning.


In the post-epidemic era, people have increasingly stringent requirements for environmental sanitation and realize the importance of disinfection and cleaning in the cleaning industry. The cleaning standards in the post-epidemic era are also constantly improving, and the shortage of cleaning personnel is difficult to meet the disinfection and cleaning work in the post-epidemic era. The traditional cleaning industry has also entered the era of intelligent cleaning. Intelligent cleaning robots can complete the disinfection and cleaning work more safely and effectively. Sparkoz Technology's intelligent cleaning robot has the only visual navigation system in the world, which can actively avoid pedestrians while completing disinfecting work efficiently. In the post-epidemic era, intelligent cleaning equipment can complete cleaning work more safely and effectively, and improve public health conditions.


With the help of Sparkoz's intelligent cleaning robot, the cleanliness and sanitation of the opening activities of the Jiangxi Tourism Festival can be guaranteed. Use robot technology to empower better public services and escort the healthy life of Chinese consumers!