Sparkoz Technology entered Lanzhou for business inspection with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Robot Industry Alliance!

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On June 27, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Robot Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the 'Alliance') was invited by the Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. Chairman of the Alliance Wu Fangzheng, Chairman of Anjie Company; Executive Secretary-General of the Alliance/Executive President of Anjie Company Liu Jie , Zhou Ping, Chairman of Shenzhen Yuhetian Group, Tian Fanglin, Assistant General Manager of Sparkoz Technology (Shanghai), Lan Rongfeng, Regional General Manager of Data Technology, Dr. Han Long, CTO of Xidi Intelligent, Hu Haibo, Chairman of Guangzhou Aike Robot, Beijing Orion Star Market Nearly 20 alliance members (enterprises) including director Zheng Zhibin and leaders of large property companies such as China Overseas/Gemdale/Country Garden conducted a three-day feasibility study on the robot industry in Lanzhou. Yang Jinquan and the leaders of relevant departments warmly received and achieved complete success.


During the inspection period, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government organized a symposium in the conference hall of the middle building of Lanzhou Guest House, which was presided over by Zhu Tianshu, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and members of the alliance business inspection team were invited to participate. , Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Director Zhang of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Director Wang of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Secretary Gao of the Party Group of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, Director Fan of the Municipal Urban Management Committee, Director Sun of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, Deputy Director Li of the Municipal Government Cooperation and Exchange Office, etc. Relevant leaders attended one by one.


Mr. Tian of Tan introduced the basic situation of Sparkoz Technology to everyone at the meeting. Founded in 2020, Sparkoz Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to innovation and exploration in the field of commercial cleaning services. It is a leading company in China. Commercial intelligent cleaning robot service provider. The main development direction is based on the visual navigation technology platform, focusing on the research and development of navigation/control algorithms and supporting key sensors for mobile service robots. There are two products to be released soon and several products under research.


(Sparkoz Technology, Mr. Tian made a report)

Mr. Tian said: Affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic, there is a strong demand for commercial cleaning robots in public spaces, and commercial cleaning robots are accelerating in many application scenarios such as railway stations, airports, hospitals, and commercial centers. Even though the market size is growing rapidly, there have always been many pain points in the commercial cleaning robot industry, which can be summarized in two aspects: 'cannot be used' and 'cannot be used'. 'Unusable' is mainly reflected in the mismatch between the professional level of employees and the operation of intelligent equipment, while 'unusable' is reflected in the maintainability of the equipment. The sensor technology independently developed by Sparkoz Technology optimizes the synchronization and coordination between different sensors and improves the performance of the robot from the bottom. The cost can be controlled at about 30% of similar competing products. In terms of product technology, the integrated molding rotational molding process is used; in the internal materials of the machine body, plastic is used instead of metal, which makes the overall machine body lighter in weight and larger in volume, and the autonomous operation of the robot can be more flexible, light and efficient.


Accompanied by the relevant leaders of the high-tech zone, Sparkoz Technology Mr. Tian followed the alliance business delegation to visit and inspect the Lanzhou high-tech zone and Lanzhou new zone. Relevant persons in charge gave detailed explanations of their respective parks from the park overview, development planning, industrial structure, and achievements, which were highly recognized by alliance member companies.