Sparkoz successfully advanced to the top 26 in the "Maker China" Shanghai Division, and the final battle is about to start

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Maker China is an innovation and entrepreneurship competition for small and medium-sized enterprises, which is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance. Nearly 700 projects participated in the competition, with 10 main competition areas and 9 parallel competition areas. The roster for the finals in the Shanghai division has been released, and the top 26 finals are about to start.


Sparkoz's competition project is the research and development and industrialization of commercial cleaning robots based on multi-sensor fusion positioning and composition technology. It passed all the way and successfully stood out from nearly 700 projects and entered the top 26 to advance to the finals.


final list

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Sparkoz Technology is committed to innovation and exploration in the field of commercial cleaning, using robot technology to empower better public services. We look forward to Sparkoz Technology achieving excellent results in this 'Maker China' Shanghai competition area.