Sparkoz won the 2022 Urban Renewal "Technology Leads the Charity Award"

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In the 2022 (Fifth) China Urban Renewal Forum, Sparkoz won the 2022 China Urban Renewal Outstanding Case Science and Technology Leading Good Award.

On December 17, 2022, hosted by China Urban Renewal Forum, co-organized by Shounong Information, Langzi Hana, Gaohe Capital, Netease News strategic cooperation, Tencent Finance as supporting media, and Urban Renewal of National Academy of Development and Strategy of Renmin University of China, The Jinlou Think Tank of the research center provides academic support, and jointly supports and releases 2022 (Fifth) China Urban Renewal Forum Urban Renewal Outstanding Case Winners List officially announced with the joint support of many organizations. Sparkoz Technology won the 'Technology Leading Good Award'!


2022 (Fifth) China Urban Renewal Forum Urban Renewal Outstanding Case Award List

——Science and Technology Leading to Good Award

The China Urban Renewal Forum is a non-profit industry forum co-sponsored by many well-known experts in the field of urban renewal at home and abroad, leading institutions, academic organizations, and industry ecosystem companies in 2017. At present, the governing bodies include China Development Bank, Huarong Rongde, China Resources Land, Vanke Group, Taikang, Shui On, Beijing Capital Group, ProLogis, Chia Tai Group, Hillhouse Capital, Hony Capital, Gaohe Capital, Langzi Asiana, Capital Agricultural Information Waiting for 81. It has become the most influential industry summit in the field of urban renewal in China. The theme of this year's Urban Renewal Forum is 'City Returns to Reality, Renewal Synergy, and Coexistence', specially invited industry experts such as Qin Hong, Lu Ming, Shi Xiaodong, Zuo Kun, Qin Shuo, Li Zhong, Situ Wencong, Yuan Huaizhong, Zhang Dawei, Zhang Bin, Yu Minjun, Mao Daqing, Jia Bo and many other entrepreneurs, investors and asset management experts deeply involved in urban renewal formed the expert jury.

Through expert voting, awards in different vertical fields such as the Best Practice Award for District Renewal, the Most Investment Value Award, the Resilient Community Building Award, the Sustainable Value Enhancement Award, the Science and Technology Leading Good Award, and the Collaborative Innovation Practice Award were selected.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, this forum will be held online from December 11, 2022, to December 16, 2022. Netease Finance will broadcast the whole process, and Xinhuanet and Tencent Finance will broadcast some sessions. At present, a total of more than 6.25 million people have watched it.

So, as one of the excellent cases of urban renewal in 2022, how does Sparkoz Technology lead technology for good?

Improve efficiency and reduce costs, improve people's livelihood

Since its establishment in 2020, Sparkoz Technology has been adhering to the mission of ' enabling better public services with robotics ', and is committed to bringing cleaning robot solutions into the daily life of the public to improve organizational productivity and alleviate labor shortages. Create a high-quality public environment, improve the quality of life of residents, and promote urban renewal.


2022 Sparkoz Technology's main products

In the future, the era of large-scale land reclamation, demolition, and urban construction in many cities in China has become a thing of the past, and the operators and local governments of the scene are also rethinking the development mode of future urban renewal.


'How to improve people's quality of life and life happiness' is a very important topic in urban renewal, and Sparkoz's Robot plays a unique role in this process.


On the one hand, it can replace the repetitive, boring, and basic ground cleaning work of humans, and at the same time establish scientific digital management services to help property operators reduce costs and increase efficiency;

On the other hand, it can also liberate workers from a large number of repetitive labor tasks, create higher value, and improve the service level, salary level, and employment happiness of workers.


Science and technology help prevent and control the epidemic. Sparkoz's cleaning robot took to the front line of fighting the 'epidemic' and entered Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Shanghai First People's Hospital, Shenzhen North Railway Station, and other crowded places to clean and kill 24 hours a day. Build a safe and hygienic public living environment, and consolidate the hard-won achievements of the whole society in epidemic prevention with the power of science and technology.


From factories, hospitals, and transportation hubs to commercial plazas

Sparkoz robot contributes to urban renewal in various scenarios

In the future, Sparkoz Technology's cleaning robots will continue to enter the city's airports, hospitals, schools, playgrounds, office buildings, and other scenes, lay out the city's clean development with technological innovation, and complete the goal of 'enabling better public services with robot technology' mission. Drive human life, society, and the cities we live in to become smarter, safer, cleaner, and fully sustainable.