Sparkoz Technology attended the 5th China Urban Renewal Forum and used robot technology to empower better public services

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汤恩科技出席第五届中国城市更新论坛 用机器人技术赋能更好的公共服务

The 5th China Urban Renewal Forum 2022 will be held online from December 11, 2022, to December 16, 2022, with the theme of 'City Returning to Reality, Renewal and Coexistence'.

In the sub-forum 'The Future Road of Real Estate Technology Synthetic Assets', Dr. Cui Yuwei, founder and CEO of Sparkoz Technology, delivered a keynote speech on ' Using Robot Technology to Empower Better Public Services '.

Dr. Cui said that my country's new urbanization is on the rise, and urban residents' yearning for a more convenient, richer, and higher standard of living is constantly growing. Under the new wave of urban renewal, factory buildings, outdated commercial properties, neighborhoods with insufficient facilities, communities, and even poorly used public spaces around the city are like dusty gems waiting to be reborn.

汤恩科技出席第五届中国城市更新论坛 用机器人技术赋能更好的公共服务

n order to better improve the quality of life of residents, the general direction of urban renewal in the next stage is bound to be from the three aspects of 'industrial space renewal', 'public space renewal' and 'residential space renewal' to build 'livable, resilient, innovative, Wisdom, green, humanities' city.

Dr. Cui said that Sparkoz Technology adheres to the mission of 'enabling better public services with robotics', and hopes to bring robotic solutions into the daily life of the public to improve organizational productivity, alleviate labor shortages, and create high-quality public services. environment, improve the quality of life of residents and promote urban renewal.

The efficient
operation of robots alleviates labor shortages in the cleaning industry

According to the results of the seventh census, the aging population aged 60 and above in my country has reached 264 million. By the end of 2021, the urbanization rate of the national permanent population will reach 64.72%, and it is expected to increase the urbanization rate to 70% by 2030. According to statistics from the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in the second quarter of 2022, cleaners will be on the list of the top 10 occupations 'most in short supply'.
汤恩科技出席第五届中国城市更新论坛 用机器人技术赋能更好的公共服务

The contradiction between the degree of population aging and the rapid development of urbanization has further deepened. The property industry urgently needs to find solutions that can maintain high-quality clean standards and reduce the burden of repetitive labor on manpower.


Faced with the urgent need to solve the problem of improving labor efficiency, the industry's demand for low-cost, high-efficiency automated cleaning robots has become very urgent.


As a leading commercial intelligent cleaning robot service provider in China, Sparkoz Technology has always been committed to innovation and exploration in the field of commercial cleaning services. The self-developed commercial cleaning robot, with its innovative and intelligent cleaning form, can achieve a maximum cleaning efficiency of 2150㎡/h , realizing the automation and unmanned cleaning of the ground to a certain extent, and alleviating the labor gap in the cleaning industry.

汤恩科技出席第五届中国城市更新论坛 用机器人技术赋能更好的公共服务

Breaking the traditional model, intelligent cleaning promotes urban renewal

On the other hand, driven by the demand for epidemic prevention, the overall cleanliness awareness of people and society's attention to the efficiency of environmental sanitation and cleaning has increased significantly. Therefore, refinement, specialization, and intelligence of cleaning services have become the explicit needs of residents.

Compared with manual services, cleaning robots have unparalleled advantages. They can not only bring uniform standard cleaning operations but also realize 24-hour operations and formulate tasks according to needs, breaking the traditional cleaning mode.

汤恩科技出席第五届中国城市更新论坛 用机器人技术赋能更好的公共服务

Relying on the unique laser and vision dual fusion positioning and composition AI algorithm, Sparkoz Technology's commercial intelligent cleaning robot can achieve accurate positioning, fast map building, precise obstacle avoidance, and unmanned cleaning tasks in large scenes.

At present, it has been used in various application scenarios such as commercial plazas, garages, hospitals, factories, airports, high-speed rail, etc., and is perfectly suitable for various ground materials such as hard ground, soft ground, and carpets.

汤恩科技出席第五届中国城市更新论坛 用机器人技术赋能更好的公共服务

It is worth mentioning that Sparkoz Technology's commercial cleaning robot is also particularly easy to maintain, and its overall structure is similar to that of traditional floor scrubbers. Cleaners can easily get started , and have a good human-computer interaction experience.

Through task monitoring, operation and maintenance effect reporting, and other functions, Sparkoz Technology's commercial cleaning robot can independently generate digital cleaning reports, help managers realize digital management, bring users a real robot cleaning experience, effectively improve cleaning efficiency, reduce labor costs and management cost is an important part of smart property management, which helps to improve the image of the property and the level of intelligence.

In the future, Sparkoz Technology's cleaning robots will continue to enter the city's airports, hospitals, schools, playgrounds, office buildings, and other scenes, lay out the city's clean development with technological innovation, and complete the goal of 'enabling better public services with robot technology' mission, to promote human life, society, and the cities we live in to become smarter, safer, cleaner and fully sustainable.