Sparkoz and Kacher presented new products at the CIIE, accelerating the arrival of the era of smart cleaning with technology

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On November 6, the Fifth China International Import Expo Trade and Investment Matchmaking Conference was grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), attracting more than 4,400 companies from 55 countries and regions to sign up for the conference. At the meeting, Germany's Kacher and Ton Technology jointly held the world premiere of Kacher's full-matrix robot and all-around cleaning robot KIRA B 10, marking that people's lives have taken another step towards the era of intelligent cleaning.


The new cleaning robot solves the ground cleaning needs of the whole scene in one machine


Kacher's all-around cleaning robot KIRA B 10 is an innovative intelligent cleaning product jointly created by Sparkoz Technology and Germany's Kacher according to the needs of the Chinese market. It integrates the functions of sweeping, washing, vacuuming, and mopping into one machine for full-scene ground cleaning needs.


The overall size of KIRA B 10 is 500x410x490mm, the body is small and flexible, the minimum passage width is only half a meter, and it is capable of cleaning tasks in narrow passages. The high-pressure cleaning brush and powerful suction blade bring strong cleaning performance and quick-drying effect to the product; at the same time, it is equipped with a side brush and a right-side cleaning component, which can help the robot achieve the ultimate zero-edge cleaning operation, effectively solving the problem of cleaning dead corners in complex scenes.


The IRA B 10 is covered with 7 types and dozens of sensors. With the unique laser and vision dual fusion positioning and composition AI algorithm of Sparkoz Technology, it can realize accurate positioning and rapid map building in large scenes and has multiple perceptions. ability. It can be used in various places such as residences, hotels, office buildings, etc., and is perfectly suitable for various ground materials such as hard ground, soft ground, and carpet. Moreover, when using this product, there is no need to modify the on-site facilities, and the water and electricity supply to the robot can be completed in the corresponding scene through the dual-mode workstation for charging or water and electricity supply. It is worth mentioning that KIRA B 10 also has a better human-computer interaction experience. Various digital cleaning reports and notification information can be seamlessly connected with people through equipment, which is not only easy to manage, but also can flexibly adjust cleaning tasks. Bring users a real robot cleaning experience.


Deeply cultivate technological innovation and lead the intelligent upgrading of the cleaning industry

The trend of consumption upgrading in the digital era is becoming more and more obvious. People's demand for convenient and fast smart products is constantly increasing. Coupled with the increase in the frequency of indoor scenes in the post-epidemic era, it is already a major trend in technological development to achieve scene cleaning with smart technology.


Sparkoz Technology Co., Ltd. is a software and hardware design delivery solution company that provides overall navigation solutions. The main development direction is based on the visual navigation technology platform, focusing on the development of navigation/control algorithms and supporting key sensors for mobile service robots. A leading commercial intelligent cleaning robot service provider in China. Tens of millions of yuan in angel rounds and Pre-A rounds of financing have been completed in succession. Investors are from well-known VCs and related industry leaders, and senior managers in the cleaning industry, top experts in robot design, and artificial intelligence have joined.

Based on the exploration of the pain points and needs of application scenarios, Sparkoz Technology has made in-depth breakthroughs at the technical level and has achieved self-developed algorithms, control platforms, and sensors. Through self-developed sensor technology and optimized synchronization and coordination between sensors, Sparkoz Technology's commercial cleaning robot can run at a speed of 1.2m/s, can achieve centimeter-level control accuracy, and work efficiency is 20% higher than similar products on the market- 50%. At the same time, through the use of laser and vision fusion positioning technology, higher positioning accuracy and positioning reliability are achieved, and it has stronger adaptability to the scene.


Kacher's all-around cleaning robot KIRA B 10 is a brand-new achievement of win-win cooperation between Sparkoz Technology and the global cleaning giant Germany's Kacher. The in-depth cooperation between the two parties not only allows the world to see the technical strength of Sparkoz Technology, but also enables it to have a more solid and in-depth understanding of the industry, and has achieved further polishing in product basic design, process schemes, and material selection. En Technology's high-quality development has injected a strong impetus. In addition to Germany's Karcher, Sparkoz Technology has reached strategic cooperation with Country Garden Services, Shandong Hyde, Suzhou Langdian, and other companies to jointly create fruitful achievements in China's local technological innovation.

'Enabling better public services with robot technology' is the mission of Sparkoz Technology. The era of intelligence has brought about double changes in productivity and people's lifestyles. In order to allow people to fully enjoy the convenience of smart cleaning, Sparkoz Technology will continue to make breakthroughs in the field of technology and drive the entire industry to continuously upgrade with benchmarking effects, serving the Chinese market by bringing more advanced products and intelligent service experience, and accelerate the real arrival of the era of intelligent cleaning.